Week 15 | Artist Conversation: Amy Duran

Amy Duran is in her final semester at California State University, Long Beach. A transfer from Cypress college, she is working toward her BFA in Ceramics, though she does not plan on going to grad school after graduation. She has had a love and interest for cake decorating since she was a kid, which was her inspiration for this particular exhibit. Every single piece in her exhibit was made using a pottery wheel.

Her exhibit consisted of different ceramic pieces with floral designs that she was able to put on the ceramic pieces with a special clay that she mixes with water to create an icing-like consistency. She used her actual cake decorating skills to decorate these pieces, as she was able to use actual piping bags to put the clay on the pots, and they took her hours at a time to make each. She was inspired by French art and the beauty of Paris for these pieces.

As for her other ceramic piece, which depicts the big, bad wolf, she was inspired by her love of fairytales as a child. She loved fantasy movies like Harry Potter, and The Girl Who Cried Wolf in particular was the inspiration for this piece specifically. She also had a particular liking for clay stop motion films, giving the sculpture the cartoony look that it has to it.


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