Week 15 | Art Activity: Finger Painting

When I had read that we were doing finger painting this week, I assumed there was a catch. I assumed that we had to finger paint something super specific or had to depict something that was going to turn out disastrously for me. But to my pleasant surprise, this activity was actually rather soothing and not nearly as stressful as I had initially thought. I really actually enjoyed feeling the paint and being able to drag my fingers across the paper and create the shapes that I was able to with the paint on the piece of paper. It was actually  a little bit harder than I had thought when I started though, at least just as far as blending the colors that I had chosen together in the way that I wanted them to blend together. Though this part was pretty hard, I think I made it work pretty well and I’m happy with my end result. I think painting without a subject was so relieving, just because it was so natural and I didn’t really have to think about it. I wouldn’t at all really relate this experience to the graffiti activity just because I feel like that activity required so much technique in order to make it look really nice and presentable–there’s a certain style that graffiti comes with that I just couldn’t really get the hang of. However, with this activity there wasn’t really a technique that I had to learn or follow. It was nice just being able to feel it and see what my hands could come up with.


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