Week 14 | Classmate Conversation: Stephanie Arciva

This week in class I met Stephanie Arciva, a third year chemistry major at Long Beach State. Originally from Lake Forest, Stephanie is a bit of a local here in Long Beach. She likes eating, and her favorite foods are tacos, turkey burgers, and pasta. She enjoys a lot of adventure, and in Stephanie’s spare time she likes doing very outdoorsy things like hiking and swimming, and she loves to work out. After graduation, Stephanie would like to participate in a PhD program for environmental chemistry research.

As for the question of the week, Stephanie thinks that in the future, everyone in college is going to be super techy–not that we aren’t already, but even more so. She predicts that teachers are all going to be teaching from computers rather than in person and that there is going to be a loss of interaction between students because of the increased use of technology. She predicts that discussion boards like the ones that are used in online classes today are going to be the main form of communication between classmates, which isn’t too great at all because it isn’t really that authentic of a conversation.unnamed


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