Week 14 | Art Activity: Instagram

This week’s art activity required us to use the app “Instagram” to post pictures that we had taken of things that we did throughout the course of our days. Being an avid Instagram user, I just used the personal account that I normally use rather than creating a whole new one for this project. I enjoyed doing this project mostly because it didn’t really feel like I was doing a project–it was something that I do pretty much everyday anyway. The pictures that I had posted for this project consisted of the breakfast that I had with my roommates that morning, a picture of a book that I had read before heading off to class, a picture of my notebook and laptop as I began studying for finals, and a picture of the sky during sunset that I had taken in a car ride heading back home from the library. It was cool to see all of the different pictures that each of my classmates had taken, and the different styles of pictures as well as the different things that we all do throughout our days.


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