Week 9 | Art Activity: Art Care Package

When I first read that this was our art activity for the week, I thought that it was a cool concept. I really liked thinking about putting it together, and at first I wasn’t entirely sure about who I wanted to send mine to. I figured that it would be cool to send one to my sister, so I threw in a bunch of stuff that I thought that she would like.

Because I am from Northern California, I miss out on a lot of things with my sister. So I sent her polaroid pictures of me and the friends that I’ve made here in college to give her a little glimpse of my life in Southern California. I also sent her a sticker that I got in the mail saying “girls bite back”, just because I love feminist art and I wanted to share it with her. I included a journal that I write in frequently as well, because literary art has to be my favorite kind of art. In the journal I already have a few entries that are poems, recollections of my day, and other little things like that. I also included pens in the care package so that my sister could also write her own literary masterpieces within the journal. The last two pieces were random pieces of art that I feel like my sister would appreciate, which are a wall fixture that reads “kind people are my kinda people” as well as a Dia de los Muertos skull that is a plant holder. I loved these pieces of art and I thought my sister would, too.



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