Week 8 | Classmate Conversation: Araceli Lozano

This week, I met Araceli Lozano. She’s a business major with a concentration in human resources, so good luck to her with the rest of her college career and beyond! Being an upperclassman, Araceli had a lot of good advice about what classes she enjoyed taking, and because of her I might look into areas of study that will help get me to graduation that I had never even thought of (thank you!).

As for the question of the week, Araceli didn’t have too much of a very straight answer, which I completely agree with. While we both want to encourage our [future] children to follow their hearts and their dreams, we also want them to succeed no matter what. She has said that she would support her kids, but if she realistically did not think that they would be able to succeed in the world as an artist, she would try to convince them to try out another path, which I think is super reasonable!

When comparing apps, I found that we have a lot of similarly downloaded apps, but they’re organized a bit differently. While Araceli’s most-used apps like Netflix, Hulu and Starbucks are all on her first page, I have all of my apps organized into folders that all appear on the first page.

I enjoyed talking to Araceli this week, and if you’re curious about her go ahead and check out her her wordpress!




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