Week 8 | Art Activity: Japanese Garden

I’ve never been to the Japanese Garden before, so I was pretty excited to finally have a reason to go. It’s kind of weird that I’ve never been there just because I lived in the dorms that were placed pretty much the closest to the gardens, but I digress.

I’m not the most amazing artist in the world, and I definitely don’t have too much experience dragging any type of writing utensil across paper to create something that looks remotely aesthetically pleasing. Though I’m not too skilled with sketching or drawing, I tried. I actually thought that it was pretty relaxing, considering the fact that the garden itself was relaxing. I don’t really know if it was the atmosphere of sitting there or if I genuinely enjoyed getting lost in *attempting* to sketch something out. I think I actually might just try it out more often, who knows, maybe I’ll actually get better.



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