Week 2 | Classmate Conversation: Marlene Rodriguez

This week in class I met Marlene Rodriguez. She’s a speech pathology major from Downey, California. She’s a really cool girl who likes doing very normal things like hanging out with friends and watching YouTube videos! She’s taking Art 110 mainly for the GPA boost that it could give her, but she’s also taking the class to be more open to classes she wouldn’t normally take. Marlene’s college experience has been pretty great so far despite all the long nights that all the school work gives her. She’s met a lot of great people here at Long Beach State and has learned a lot from all of the classes that she’s taken so far. The biggest lesson that she’s learned so far is surprisingly unacademic, saying that she’s learned to put yourself first. Marlene loves eating, so much that she doesn’t really have a favorite kind of food, but if she had to choose it would be anything that’s home cooked! Her definition of art is anything that an artist uses to express themselves to connect to their emotions. When she thinks of the color red, she thinks of either love or anger.IMG_3502


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